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Preventive health: DNA & Bacteria load the gun, but you shoot!

To prevent disease manifestation is better (and cheaper) than to cure a manifested disease! With the help of DNA testing by iGene and a genetic gut bacteria profile, you can discover your health blueprint. With the knowledge of your genetic profile, you can address your lifestyle and diet to prevent diseases in the future as much as possible. In this blog I share some tips for healthy aging.

In preventive health care, the emphasis is on disease prevention.

Through genetic testing (saliva testing) or genetic gut profile, we can now see what diseases you are predisposed to.

We also know that having specific genes for diseases does not necessarily mean that diseases will actually manifest. In fact, environmental factors affect this process for 95%, which means that there is a lot you can do yourself to prevent disease manifestation. This doctrine is called Epigenetics.

Here are some tips you can use to get started on healthy aging.

Tip #1 - Map your environmental factors

What environmental factors determine whether or not you shoot the gun? They are things like smoking, toxins, detoxification capacity, diet, drinking water, sleep, relaxation, stress, exercise, day and night rhythms and exercise. Your environment can activate or deactivate the action of genes and thus there is some control for you in preventing genetic disease(s).

Maak een lijstje van jouw factoren en beoordeel zelf of deze mogelijk een negatieve impact op jouw gezondheid kunnen hebben en laat deze factoren voortaan weg.

Tip #2 - Drink clean and live water

Drinking water is the basis for a healthy life; it cleanses your body. You need about 35ml of water per Kg of body weight per day.

Although our drinking water in the Netherlands is cleaner than in many other countries, there are still many substances in the water that can have a potentially negative impact on your health. Think of PFAS, hormones, pesticides, medication residues, lead and microplastics.

My philosophy is: what doesn't go in, doesn't have to go out. When (too) much junk enters the body, this junk puts pressure on your body and mind with all its consequences.

Filtering water is a good way to eliminate all toxins. I personally use the Zero water filtration system. Because the Zero filter really filters out everything, I do supplement the water with a teaspoon of Sole to add vital minerals to the water.

Sole is a saltwater solution of Celtic sea salt. You fill a jam jar with 1/3 Celtic sea salt and top up the rest with filtered water. You stir until the salt is dissolved. Per day, take 1 glass of water with up to 1 teaspoon of Sole. Tip: Adding 0.5 grams of Celtic sea salt to a glass of water before exercising gives you an energy boost and actually helps with your performance.

Tip #3 - Small steps

If drinking enough water on a daily basis is your weakness, make this your priority and focus on improving this for at least 20 days.

Tip #4 - You do it alone, but you are not alone

Involve those around you in your plans to become healthier and ask for help when you need it. If you are dealing with addictions (e.g. smoking, drugs, alcohol, eating), a professional coach can help you with the process of no longer being dependent on those substances and/or habits that are harmful to your health.

No one has the power to make you better: the only person who can make you better is you!

Genetics and gut bacteria

When making healthy choices, it can help to get some insight into your genetic profile to find out any weaknesses. You can gain this insight by having DNA testing done and you can also have your gut bacteria profile established. Did you know that gut bacteria composition can show your predisposition to, for example, diabetes and cardiovascular disease? Understanding your genetic profile can also help you put together focal points so you and/or your doctor can decide on choices for regular research and medication choices.

As I am a licensed therapist of iGene, I can order your DNA. I analyze the results and advise you in supplementation, nutrition and lifestyle so you can start putting the information into action yourself in a practical way.

Want to learn more about preventive health and what I can do for you?

Then schedule an intake or introduction session.

I would love to help you on your way to a more vital life!


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