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Here you will find a collection of general questions and answers about reimbursements, the professional association MBOG en  general information about orthomolecular medicine.

  • What is Orthomolecular Medicine?
    What is Orthomolecular Medicine? Orthos means right, Molecular refers to the substances that make up your body and that are necessary for body processes. Both important for your health Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling is the founder, it started with his research of vitamin C in pigeons. The basis is regular medical knowledge and new scientific insights, but then based on an overall picture of the interaction of all body processes E.g. the intestines can influence substances that are also important for brain metabolism or vice versa In 10 people with the same complaints, it often turns out that the cause(s) is/may be different; therefore each treatment plan is a tailor-made advice Based on your medical history, including your mother's pregnancy, it is determined which body processes do not work properly A treatment plan consists of nutritional advice, possibly supplemented with temporary supplement(s) if it appears that there are deficiencies or with herbs that enhance a certain effect so that the body functions better and your body receives the building materials or incentives for improvement. What is Orthomolecular Medicine? Orthomolecular = relating to, based on, using, or being a theory according to which disease may be cured by providing the optimum amounts of substances (such as vitamins) normally present in the body. The starting point is regular medicine and recent scientific insights used and looked at from a holistic point of view taking into account all physical processes and their interactions. E.g the gut can influence chemicals that also influence the brain metabolism and vice versa When 10 persons have the same complaints, often the causes are different or can be different; it is therefore important to individualize treatment Based on your medical history (dating back to your birth) we can determine what body processes can be compromised. A treatment plan consists of a nutritional advice, possibly supplemented with temporary supplement (s) if it appears that there are deficiencies or with herbs that strengthen a certain effect so that the body functions better and your body gets the building materials or stimuli for improvement. For more information have a look at the website by the founder of Orthomolecular therapy, Linus Pauling. More than 40 years ago, Dr. Linus Pauling concluded that vitamins and other essential micronutrients play a significant role in enhancing health and preventing disease. Thus, in 1973 he co-founded the Linus Pauling Institute to carry out research in this field that he believed would be of enormous importance to public health.
  • Werk je met vaste pakket prijzen of kun je een offerte maken?
    Ik werk niet met offertes. De therapie intensiteit en duur kan ik globaal aangeven na de intake omdat ik dan een beter beeld heb bij jouw huidige gezondheidsniveau. Mijn uurtarief is €150, je kunt zelf gemakkelijk via de website tussentijds een gratis overleg of een half uur sessie plannen. Daarnaast mag je mij altijd gratis WhatsAppen met vragen/zorgen of e-mailen. Het preventief gezondheidspakket is geschikt voor mensen die niet ziek zijn en willen weten hoe zij ziekten kunnen voorkomen. Lees hier meer over via preventieve gezondheidszorg | Eat&Sea Therapy (
  • Is orthomoleculaire therapie geschikt voor mij?
    In principe is orthomoleculaire geneeskunde en darmtherapie voor iedereen geschikt (van pasgeboren baby's tot ouderen). Ik houd bij de therapie rekening met interacties tussen medicatie en supplementen/voeding. De therapie vergt veel zelfdiscipline en een investering qua geld en tijd. Zo moet je rekening houden met de kosten voor gezondere voeding, supplementen, de sessies en de onderzoeken (en hertesten). Vanwege de nodige investering die de therapie van jou vraagt is het helaas voor mij niet mogelijk om iedereen te helpen. Vergeet niet dat de basis ligt bij gezonde voeding, rust, reinheid en regelmaat. Supplementen werken pas wanneer die basis er is. Lees meer over Eat&Sea Therapy | Over de praktijk (
  • Do you only work online or do you also have a practice at home?
    I work completely online via video calls, WhatsApp, e-mail or by telephone. Walking sessions take place in person on the Zuiderstrand in Scheveningen.

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