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Before you start treatment with me, you can first get to know me by booking an Introductory Interview (€25). If you want to get started with me, you can schedule an Intake (€199). 


The hourly rate is €150. Follow-up sessions are typically 30 minutes. On average two sessions per month are needed at the beginning. As we progress with the therapy the frequency will decrease to once  a session per month/two months. In addition to the follow-up appointments, we have WhatsApp contact and telephone consultation for short questions in between.

After an appointment you will receive an invoice by e-mail. Depending on your insurer, you can submit this invoice to receive compensation. You are responsible to check with your insurer whether orthomolecular therapy is eligible for reimbursement.



To measure is to know, if you know what you are measuring.

Depending on your recovery trajectory, I will request the tests below for you from specialized laboratory RP Sanitas Humanus. For DNA research I use the company IGene which cooperates with Erasmus MC. I analyze the research results for you and implement them in the therapy. 

During the therapy we will measure again several deviating parameters from research to ensure the therapy effectiveness and to adjust where necessary. After all, everyone is different and I do not work with fixed (medical) protocols but tailor everything to you.


You receive the test kits at home and within 10 working days I receive the results. DNA testing takes between 6 and 8 weeks.  We discuss the results in a meeting. You will receive the invoice directly from the laboratory. 


The sessions and recovery programs always exclude laboratory costs and supplements. Tests are not eligible for reimbursement by the health insurance company.

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