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"In my practice Eat&Sea Therapy I support you with the help of intestinal therapy and orthomolecular advice and supplements in your way to vitality."

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My name is Annet van de Velden (1989). I grew up in Friesland, the Netherlands. As the daughter of my parents (physiotherapist and life coach), I became familiar with holistic care from a young age.


In a holistic vision, you don't just look at the place where the disease is, but at the whole person when treating the disease. As a person I am very analytical, communicative, empathetic and involved. 


Eat&Sea (Food and Sea) symbolize food as medicine and the relaxation and tranquility that I experienced living seaside. In fact, you need both 'ingredients' on a daily basis to achieve vitality and health. I'd love to help you find your way in this.

From my interest in the healing power of nutrition and nutritional supplements, I started to study the gastrointestinal tract and digestion as an orthomolecular therapist. Many diseases and health complaints originate in gastrointestinal problems and a suboptimal gastrointestinal environment. By restoring and optimizing the gastrointestinal system,  imbalances elsewhere in your body can be restored.

As a gastrointestinal therapy specialist and orthomolecular therapist, I treat people of all ages (from newborn babies to old age) in the Netherlands, but also elsewhere in the world. I addition to Dutch I am fluent in English and Spanish.

I regularly follow training and courses in the field of intestinal health, orthomolecular medicine and preventive health care. 

In addition to my practice, I am also a corporate lawyer. If you want to know more  about my academic background and work experience, you can consult my LinkedIn profile or take a look at my Eat&Sea Instagram page.

I look forward to guiding you in your quest for better health and vitality!​


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