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Eat&Sea (Eten&Zee) staan symbool voor gezond eten en ontspanning om te vitaliseren.

Which health problems?

Health complaints often arise after a (long) period in which the body has given signals that have not been addressed correctly. This creates imbalances in the body, resulting in health problems and diseases. Think of gastrointestinal complaints, skin disorders, psychological and social problems, hormonal problems, concentration problems, headaches, exhaustion and (extreme) fatigue and other health shortcomings. At that moment you need help to bring the body back into balance. With my advice on nutrition, lifestyle and supplements you can regain this balance yourself so that you can become vital. 

What does an orthomolecular therapist and intestinal therapy specialist do?

As an Orthomolecular Therapist & Bowel Therapy Specialist, I map out your health and health problems using diagnostic tools such as laboratory tests from a holistic approach where I look at you as a whole and not just at the health complaint(s). Based on the research results and the intake, I will create a therapy plan with the aim of reducing your health problems.

The starting points of my working method are personal and accessible guidance and attention to your story

In addition to an extensive intake in which I listen to your story and analyze your medical history, I also use laboratory tests such as blood, stool and saliva tests. When sufficient information has been obtained to get to the root cause(s) of your health complain(s), I will establisch a recovery plan for you and guide you through your recovery process until the complaints decrease or even disappear. 

Do you want to get started with your health? You can easily schedule an appointment via the button below.

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