Therapy Sessions

All therapy sessions are covered by most health insurance companies. Please consult your insurance policy!



Getting acquainted with each other and with orthomolecular therapy.

Find out how your ailments and/ or disease is treated and supported with targeted nutrition and lifestyle adjustments.


Our introduction session is free of charge.

15 mins 


Information regarding the orthomolecular therapy and the sessions.

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In this session we discuss your current health status and your expectations regarding orthomolecular therapy.

The intake takes place during a walk on the beach in Scheveningen. With bad weather or when walking is not an option, the intake takes place at my practice.

Part of this session is going through your medical history, lifestyle and nutrition pattern. 


After our session, I will analyze all we discussed and I will share my findings with you. A course of treatment is included in this session.

135 EUR / Session incl. course of treatment




1. You will receive a medical questionnaire by email.

2. You will receive therapeutic feedback on your symptoms during a relaxing walk.

3. You will receive a thorough analysis of your health, lifestyle and eating habits in relation to your symptoms.

4. After the intake you will receive a treatment plan stating what is needed to reduce the symptoms.

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In principle, the course of treatment should allow you to make the necessary adjustments in diet and lifestyle.


Need more assistance on a day to day base over a longer period of time.

Especially for people who have busy lives and struggle with making personal changes, I offer a weekly guidance program.

Every week you will receive recipes, feedback, tips & tricks. 

80 EUR / Week 

Do you prefer a full, guided reset?

6 weeks guidance

65 EUR / Week (390EUR)

Or when you pay the 6 weeks up front you receive a 50 EUR discount (in stead of 390 EUR it is 340 EUR).


1. Personalized recipes breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner.

2. Pantry guidance

3. Tips & Trics

4. Coaching & Motivation

5. Check ups/feedback by phone, e-mail or Whatsapp.

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Do you feel that your emotional wellbeing has been compromised? 

Next to the regular therapy session, I offer a walking session in which I focus on your emotional wellbeing and in which you develop personal insight.

Understanding why disease and pain manifests itself within you, is crucial to  your healing process.


Walking therapy is an effective way to integrate your emotions in your body and mind.

60 EUR / Walking Session



1. Personal insight into your emotional wellbeing, body processes and disease manifestation.

2. You get more in tune with your emotions.

3. Motivation


4. Relaxation and exercise.

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