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About Eat&Sea Therapy and Orthomolecular & Gastrointestinal Therapy

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

During my childhood, I could always be found in nature a lot. I grew up in a loving family and was raised with natural medicine. I have always been interested in flower remedies and the self-healing capacity of our body.

Instead of Medicine, however, I went to study Law and after 2 bachelors and a master in Amsterdam I threw myself into the working life as a corporate lawyer.

Although I found/found meaning in my legal work, I also wanted to help people with their health (just like my parents did as a physiotherapist and life coach). Through my father, I came across orthomolecular medicine and was captivated by it. One course followed after another and I really enjoyed learning the trade and deepening my knowledge because it is fascinating to be able to help people recover from health problems through something as "simple" as nutrition.

What is orthomolecular therapy?

Orthomolecular medicine is based on the principle of "food as medicine" by adding the right substances and supplementing deficiencies, an optimal nutritional status is created in the body allowing body processes to function again. Think of scurvy and add vitamin C and the scurvy disappears. Thus, many disease states today are associated with a deficiency of certain nutrients.

About my practice Eat&Sea Therapy

In my practice Eat&Sea Therapy I support you with the help of colon therapy and orthomolecular therapy on your way to health so you can realize a fundamental shift so you can reduce your symptoms.

Intestinal therapy for health problems

As an orthomolecular therapist I started to develop myself further in the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Many diseases have their origin in gastrointestinal problems and a non-optimal gastrointestinal environment. And I want to tackle health problems at the cause so that the nutrient deficiencies (resulting in health problems) can not occur.

'What causes nutrient deficiencies?" and "What exactly about absorption and digestion?" and "Why doesn't simply adding vitamins and minerals always work if it's in a protocol?'

These are a few questions that challenge and inspire me in my work.

The Gastrointestinal System as a Determining Organ for Your Health

Gradually, I discovered that the gastrointestinal tract has a fundamental role in our body that allows health issues to arise elsewhere in the body when the digestive and gut environment is not working optimally. Think of the Brain-Gut-As, the Skin-Gut-As, the Hormones-Gut-As. And so more and more connections to the gastrointestinal system are being discovered.

Thus, the following complaints, among others, can find their origin in the gastrointestinal tract: headaches, migraines, acne or inflammation, rheumatic complaints, hormone imbalances, obesity, depressive complaints, fibromalgia, anxiety and behavioral disorders.

It is my experience that by restoring and optimizing the gastrointestinal system any imbalances in the body can be restored so that orthomolecular therapy can be used during the therapy and afterwards in a more targeted way and have greater effect.

In the gastrointestinal system lies an important foundation for any recovery process.

As a Gut Therapy Specialist, I treat people of all ages (from newborn babies to old age). 

As a person, I am empathetic, communicative, analytical and curious. 

I regularly attend training and courses in the fields of gut health, orthomolecular medicine and preventive care. 

I look forward to assisting you in your quest for better health, vitality and tone!

Are you walking around with health issues or have questions?

Let me know and book your intake.


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